5 Best Single Stage Snow Blower for 2015 with Comparison

Please, take a close look at the 5 best single stage snow blowers rating and comparison table. It’ll help you to understand the difference of one from another at a glance. You can also check these single-stage snow blowers reviews and details later part of this article.


Toro 38381Toro 38381

GreenWorks 26032Green Works 26032

Snow Joe SJ620Snow Joe SJ620

WORX WG650Worx wg650

Murray 1695885Murray 1695885














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Clearing Width

18 inches

20 inches

18 inches

18 inches

22 inches

Throw Distance

30 feet

25 feet

20 feet

30 feet

25 feet

Cutting Depth

12 inches

10 inches

10 inches

9 inches

12 inches


318 kg

350 kg

295 kg

305 kg



15 amp

12 amp

13.5 amp

13 amp


Power Source







26 pounds

32 pounds

36 pounds

26 pounds

106 pounds


2 years full

4 Years

2 years full

2 years full

2 Years







Best Single Stage Snow Blower Reviews

Cring…….. Cring…… Cring…… my telephone was ringing. Picked and it was Jhon ( my cousin who lives in Colorado) on the other side. I used to live there many years. He is totally new to america same way in Colorado. We were talking about his job, new home, cold winter bla bla bla….All are OK but he is tensed to know the way to remove dry snow from his walkways and driveways as it is fully new experience to him. I suggested him to buy one single stage blower which would be also affordable to him. But his big question ( don’t your also?) was, what is the best single stage snow blower?

First question to you – why a single stage instead of a 2-stage snow blower? According to the snow blower buying guide one of the best single stage snowblower from bellow is enough for him.

1. Toro 38381 (18-Inch) Power Curve:

  • Also know as toro 1800 power curve snow blower. Best selling corded-electric single stage snow thrower. You would see three models of this machine. One is 12 inc with 7.5 Amp engine. It’s a normal snow removal shovel. Another is 15 Inch with 12 Amp power engine. It’s called Toro 38371 15-Inch 12 Amp Electric 1500 Power Curve and last one is 18 Inch with 15 Amp which I am suggesting here. Already told it’s know as toro 1800 power curve but actually it’s model name is toro 38381. This one would be the best consideration for anyone to remove snows very easily and quickly from driveways, walkways, drawbridge etc. I am sure Jhon is going to buy this ( why’t you?) but I am fearing, when Jhon would go to buy it he would see the big notice Sold Out!!! Because, it is the most popular snow thrower machine on the market!!

  • Trish G is one of the customer of this snow blower machine and he expressed his experiences about this machine few days ago. He bought it from amazon and shared his feedback on amazon. He told:

    Exceeded all of my Expectations!!!!, on November 26, 2014

    Comes almost ready to use right out of the box. Installation instructions for the upper handle and shoot control rod were very easy to understand and easy to put together.

    I love how easy it is to change the shoot direction and height of snow discharge.

    Little to no clogging in the shoot (a bit in slushy snow; none in powdery snow). I sprayed the shoot and blade area before using as recommended in several snow blower reviews.

    Easy to use; starts every time; does not struggle (even in 4-5″ heavy wet snow) and gets close to the pavement. (Manual states not recommended for anything other than pavement)

    Plenty of power using a 100 ft extension cord (manual recommends Minimum Wire Gauge (A.W.G.) of 14 for 100 ft extension cord and a Minimum A.W.G of 12 for a 150 ft extension cord) 15 amp. Just in case anyone would like to know, the manual also has a note which says “Do not use an extension cord of over 150 feet.”

    The unit itself is very light weight with a large handle on the top of the unit which makes it very easy to lift and carry around. It weighs less than my vacuum cleaner.

    Source and his full feedback is here on www.amazon.com There, you can also read lots of other customer’s reviews for toro 1800 power curve.

  • Photo 1:

    Best Single Stage Snow Blower

    Photo 2:

    Toro 2

2. GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20 Inch:

  • This is the best single stage snow thrower for the money. Yes, for the money. Because, it’s price is only 180 usd. Though it’s Amp(12) is less than toro 38381(15) but it’s cleaning width is bigger (20″). It has another two models: 1. GreenWorks 26012 8 Amp 12″ Corded Snow Thrower 2. GreenWorks 26022 10 Amp 16″ Corded Snow Thrower First one is a normal snow thrower shovel. If you think a shovel would be enough for you, you can go for that which costs only $96 with lots of positive reviews. 2nd one which is 16 Inc, but trust me you wouldn’t happy with that one. Instead of buying middle range single stage blower you should invest money for shovel or for a good quality machine. So, my recommendation is, if money is not a big problem then go for greenworks 26032 which snow clearing width is 20 inches. If you can’t afford toro 38381 and want more width, then this is the best option for you to throw away snow from small- to medium-size yards, driveways and walkways. Oh, forgot to mention about it’s 4 years warranty. There are some greenworks 26032 reviews where users claimed they used it even on heavy snowfall with great success.

  • C. Sullivan is one of the customer of this snow blower machine and he expressed his experiences about this machine few days ago. He bought it from amazon and shared his feedback on amazon. He told:

    Comparison to old Toro 1800: just as powerful, heavier, better built, December 6, 2014

    I’ve used a similar Toro 1800 for 8 years to clear a driveway in NH. It’s been great, but I just did a side-by-side test with this, and it powered through dense snow I piled up for testing with no problem, and actually threw the snow further (GreenWorks 19 feet; Toro 14 feet). And the features and build quality seem better than my old Toro. I thought that meant that, together with the 4-year warranty and the lower price compared to the Toro, this was a clear winner. But now I see that Toro has upped the ante–they have just this year improved their electric model 1800, and now both units have some of the same advantages compared to my old Toro. The right decision might be different for different people, but the Greenworks is very attractive at this price.

    Source and his full feedback is here on www.amazon.com There, you can also read lots of other customer’s reviews for GreenWorks 26032.

  • 1. GreenWorks 26032:

    GreenWorks 26032

    2. GreenWorks 26022:

    GreenWorks 26022

    3. GreenWorks 26012:

    GreenWorks 26012

3. Snow Joe SJ620 18″ Electric Snow Thrower:

  • Yes, it is another top rated and popular single stage electric snow blower but it delivers the power just like a single stage gas snow blower. You can consider it, if you need a machine which is easy to use and maintain. It’s price(178$) is little bit lower than greenworks and you can clear more than 290 kg snow per minute. Any Warranty? Yes, but not 4 years like greenworks. It carries 2 years warranty. To me it is another best snowblower for gravel driveway this winter 2014. Oh… one more thing forgot to share – there is another powerful model from the same company which is Snow Joe SJ622E with a 15 Amp engine. It’s snow clearing depth is same but you can remove more than 325kg snow for per minute by this model. Price is also little bit higher than Snow Joe SJ620 ($209.98). Feeling confusion ? What be better from them? Personally, I used both of the models and my suggestion you can pick any of them single stage snow blower for 2014-2015.

  • Helen M Goodell posted his feedback on amazon.com. He told:

    My son said that it did better than his large snow blower, on December 2, 2014

    We had a snow storm with a lot of moisture, the snow was very wet and heavy. The Snow Joe took care of it with no problem. My son said that it did better than his large snow blower. So far I am very please with this purchase and would recommend the Snow Joe to all my friends. It is a sturdy little machine. The blades are metal not plastic.

    Source is www.amazon.com

  • 1. Snow Joe SJ620:

    Snow Joe SJ620

    2. Snow Joe SJ622E:

    Snow Joe SJ622E

4. Worx wg650 18-inch 13 amp electric snow thrower:

  • To many consumers it is the best single stage snow blower for it’s low height(20″ only). You can easily handle it. Though it is on the number 4 on my list but yet I recommended it to Jhon. To me it is the best walk behind snowblower. Hope, if can’t buy toro 38381, will go for this one. It’s height may low but cleaning width is not bad (18.9 inches). You can throw snow up to 30 feet using this light weight blower (26 pounds only). If you need to clear short walkways or driveways, you can buy Worx wg650 18-inch 13 amp electric snow thrower without any confusion.

  • Lee Gibson posted his feedback on amazon.com. He told:

    Everything works great except had one issue with the Shoot Rotator Handle …on November 24, 2014

    Source and read his full review for Worx wg650 18-inch 13 amp electric snow thrower from here

  • 1. WORX WG650:

    WORX WG650

5. Husqvarna ST121E 21-Inch 208cc:

  • Why is this machine included on the list of best snow blower? Because of husqvarna snow blower reviews. They are marketing another new model (Husqvarna 961830004 208cc) but old is gold(not all time). Still now many customers are using this snowblowers for it’s 21″ clearing width with some extra features ( electric start and LED headlight). Be-aware this is not electric powered but gas-powered single stage snow blower. As it is gas powered with high power motor and bigger clearing width, you can consider this for high performance single stage snow blower. As it is very high performing snow blower so it’s price is also higher than any other single stage blower. It’s regular price is $649 and you can get it this winter with a 4% commission from this discount offer.

  • Imran Ishaq is customer of this machine and he posted his feedback on amazon.com few days back. He told:

    Received in perfect condition. well made solid construction on July 29, 2014

    Source and read his full review for Husqvarna ST121E from here

  • 1. Husqvarna ST121E:

    Husqvarna ST121E

    2. Husqvarna 961830004:

    Husqvarna 961830004

6. Murray 1695885 22-Inch Single Stage Blower:

  • Yes, you are seeing right. Though it’s a single stage blower but it’s clearing width is 22″ and to me it is one of the best single stage snow blower. Motor power is 205cc Power and power source is gas like husqvarna. We can call it’s a semi 2-stage blowers for it’s heavy performance. It can clean upto 8″ depth snow where normally a single stage can do upto 6″. It carries a 120-Volt electric start and 2 years limited warranty and it is 4-cycle not 2. If you don’t have enough budget to get one double stage blower then you can go for Murray 1695885 22-Inch Single Stage Blower by $572.01.

  • Read all recent reviews for Murray 1695885 from here.

  • 1. Murray 1695885:

    Murray 1695885

I worked for different blower companies and dealers. Had scope to talk with many many customers. Above single stage snow blower reviews are from my all experiences. Hope it would help you to choose the perfect single stage snow blower just like Jhon. Best of luck and happy snow throwing.

Use the bellow comment box to share which one you picked finally or which one you are using now or any question about my this list of best single stage snow blower.

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