10 Top Rated and Best Snow Blowers 2015

Are you searching best snow blowers or top rated snow blowers by consumers to remove snows perfectly and easily in this winter session 2014-2015? To help you with this, I have prepared a list of top 10 snow blowers (from my experience, customer review and experts opinion) which can suit your needs.

Comparison of 10 Best Snow Blowers 2014

You know there are two types of snow blowers: single stage (to remove low depth snows) and two stage(to remove high depth snows). I’m not sure which one you need. If you are also not sure, you can read my this snow blower buying guide. First, I will discuss about 5 best single stage snow blowers and later about 5 best double stage snow blowers.

1. Toro 38381 (18-Inch) Power Curve:

This model is really simple to assemble. It’s lightweight so anyone can handle it. Dimensions are really small which means you won’t need much room to store it and it’s also a lift handle to transport very easily. This toro model is also very quiet (like a vacuum cleaner) for a machine that is able to throw snow at the impressive distance (10-20 inches away). It is powerful enough to quickly clear small or medium snow. Be sure to buy a longer extension cord so you have to dance around the unit all the time.

2. GreenWorks 26032 12 Amp 20 Inch:

Similar to previous model described, this unit is also easily assembled – it shouldn’t take you more time than to unpack . A bit heavier than Torro but not that much, even for the ladies maneuvering and pushing it around shouldn’t be any problem. It’s also small and can be stored with ease almost anywhere. When it comes to noise, silent can be best description. You can even use this single stage now blower at 6 am in the morning without having to worry about waking your neighbors. I heard lots of positive feedback from customers about this model and for that I kept this model in this list of best snow blowers. It’s value further increases with four years warranty.

3. Snow Joe SJ620 18″ Electric Snow Thrower:

Because of its small dimensions you may not think much of this model, but it’s built to even take care of 10 to 12 inches thick snow. It includes a detailed instruction guide on how to use it (in Spanish, French and English) in the whole procedure of putting it together shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. It also comes with fail safe mechanism which shuts down the unit and prevents failure in case of overheating. It easily handles up to 12 inches of wet snow, and this snow thrower machine also has light bulb installed so it can be easily used even at night.

4. Worx wg650 18-inch 13 amp electric snow thrower:

This one comes with two years warranty. It can be easily assembled (even without instructions it shouldn’t take anyone more than 15 minutes) and it’s also in lightweight category so operating and maneuvering shouldn’t be any problem. It can easily handle up to 10 inches of wet snow and with the shooting range of about 20 inches you can easily cleanup any portion of your backyard, not only your driveway or walkway. After using it you should always put against or hang the unit on the wall in vertical position to prevent water from melted snow reaching electrical parts, this will greatly extend its life.

5. Murray 1695885 22-Inch Single State:

Unlike the first four snow blowers described, this is a gas run snow thrower. Therefore it’s a bit heavier but it still handles with ease. This model isn’t “self-propelled” but the blades actually help when pushing it forward. It has electric start option so you won’t have to bother with the usual recoil start. 22 inches wide blades are more than enough to handle any driveway or walkway with ease, even 22 inches deep wet or frozen snow shouldn’t present any problem for this unit. Chute has wide turning radius and it throws the snow as far as 25 feet away. Considering the price and two years engine warranty this is definitely one of the best snow blowers 2014-2015 you can buy. Don’t over think your decision here about this.

If you have a need or prefer two stage snow blowers, here are the five worth considering:

1. Power Smart DB7651 24-inch 208cc:

This model is really easy to assemble, manufacturers claim it can be done in under one hour but the machine is delivered semi ready to use. So it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or so for anyone. It is easily maneuverable with four forward and two reverse speed. Thanks to the chute which helps you to choose where you want to throw snow. 21 inch high intake allows this snow blower to handle even heavy snowfall easily. Though its a gas based machine but it’s electric start option. And clearing width? 24 inches.

2. Poulan Pro PR624ES 24-Inch:

This top rated snow blower is built for longevity, it’s really powerful two stage snow blower with a remote chute control, headlight and variable speed settings which makes it easy to handle. Its 208cc gas engine combined with 24 inch wide and 23 inches high intake can handle heavy frozen snowfall without bogging down. It can completely clear out 200 feet driveway covered with 5 inches of snow in less than 20 minutes. Before using the first time you need to do only a minor assembly, adding oil and gas. It starts up nicely even in low temperatures and harsh conditions. Electric start is also available for this best snowblower 2014.

3. Power Smart DB7659A 22-inch 208cc:

Another Power Smart model which comes with certain upgrades compared with the one already described. It’s snow tires makes it more maneuverable even on a slippery frozen and slushy snow. It has a joystick which controls the chute so you can adjust the height and direction in which you want to throw the snow. Electric starter works flawlessly and brings machine to life with a single press on the button. It also has a kill switch which stops the engine immediately in case of emergency. Now doubt it is another one the best snow blowers for 2014-2015 winter session.

4. Poulan Pro PR627ES 27-Inch:

Not the largest from the manufacturer but with its 11.5 hp engine and 27 inches wide intake this blower can handle even the heaviest snowfall. Manufacturer really took care of the engine well because, when using electric switch it always starts with the first try. Although it’s bigger and more robust than most of the models mentioned assembling it is a piece of cake. Also thanks to its size, covering large areas under snow (roughly about 2500 square feet) quickly and really efficiently shouldn’t take you more than an hour to achieve.

5. Husqvarna 12527HV 27-Inch:

Even with the 9hp this 291 cc engine is a real snow killer. It will cleanup even more than 20 feet of heavy frozen snowfall quickly and perfectly. Unit usually comes in fully ready to use condition, only thing left to do is add oil and gas to start it up. Like any other model here, it has electric start but it always perfectly starts even without it. Another good thing worth mentioning is the fuel efficiency, since it should run two or three hours for a few days before needing a refill. By all standards, this model is a real winner among best snow blowers.

It’s obvious that the decision to buy a snow blower greatly depends on the amount of snow and the area you need cleaned up. The advantage of all electric devices is their low maintenance costs, in fact since there is no need to buy oil or gas therefore only costs you’ll ever have is a single purchase of extension cord and a few spare parts when necessary. Gas snow blowers on the other hand can efficiently be used with heavy snowfalls, frozen snow or even when you need to cover the backyard as big as football field. The models described above belong to a group of best snow blowers are certainly worth checking out because they definitely have best price vs. value ratings according to people owning them.

Any opinion about this list of top rated and best snow blowers?

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